Steps to roll an egg roll, illustrated by me. The recipe for egg roll filling is posted here.

- Use some egg wash or water on corners to seal.
- Best if one person is doing the frying and the other rolls.
- Freeze only after frying.
- Do not over fill with stuffing.
- Don't wait too long before frying. Dough will soften if the filling is too wet.

Egg Roll Steps, how to illustration.

Step 1: Lay wrap like a diamond and define your corners as 1, 2, 3, & 4 as shown in illustration.
Step 2: Fill middle with 2 - 3 TBS of egg roll filling and spread into a rectangle shape.
Step 3: Take corner # 1 and fold filling.
Step 4: Fold corner # 2 over top of egg roll filling and repeat with corner # 3.
Step 5: Roll the the filled egg roll on top of itself towards corner # 4 until the egg roll is closed.

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